Meet Your DJ


Chad Cassano

Owner of Cassano Studio

Cody Jackson

Creative Director of Cassano Studio

About Chad:

Chad Cassano has been involved in acting since 1993 and has learned a great deal from many professional actors in the industry. Within the last six years he has started Cassano Studio which instructs voice acting and has helped many students achieve their personal goals. 

In the past two years Chad has been DJing for multiple clients ranging from large non-profit companies to various parties. This inspired him to open the DJ Division at Cassano Studio.

About Cody:

Cody has been working in voice overs for over 5 years and has been working at Cassano Studio for over a year, working as an Editor, Instructor, and Creative Director for Chad. Cody is also an on-air personality for a cluster of radio stations in Rochester, NY.

Using his skills in audio and personality over the radio, Cody was really excited to start working with Chad as a DJ, that way he can continue to apply his talents to other creative markets!

Cassano Studio's Professional DJs are